Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charters

Captain Jim Mitchell, Erie Angler Charters

Erie Angler Charters Perch Charters

No fish says Lake Erie like the Yellow Perch. These delicious eating fish are plentiful and fun to catch. A great way to enjoy a beautiful autumn day on the Great Lake is anchored over a school of yellow perch, jigging with several hooks tipped with the perch’s favorite food, an emerald shiner. Perch fishing can be challenging, fast paced, and a lot of fun. It is a fantastic way to spend a day with family on the water, as even young anglers can fish for perch with great success. 
While yellow perch can be found year-round in Lake Erie, perch fishing heats up when the temperatures cool down. We usually begin our perch fishing in the middle to end of August and continue until the end of October. The limit for yellow perch is 30 per person. 
On your perch charter, we will provide all the bait and tackle you need. We also have professional fish cleaning available. Upon returning to the dock, your fish up will be picked up at the boat and cleaned while you relax in the air conditioned lounge and restaurant until your fish are ready. 
$630 will get you and five of your friends, family, or colleagues eight hours of fishing and a lifetime of memories. We require a $150 deposit to hold your date.